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Self-Organised Initiatives for Solidarity Economy, Human Rights and Direct Democracy in Greece and Europe

The context

It would be paradox to describe Greece as a land of hope. In many places, decline and depression dominate. Many people have been robbed of their present and future prospects, or of their very existence.

Politicians, European as well as Greek, have disappointed them. The Left has failed to correspond to the blackmail led by the EU-Institutions towards the Greek people and their government. Nevertheless 62% of Greek citizens voted NO to the new austerity program in the referendum of the 5th July.

The global resonance to this symbolic resistance reveals that more and more people understand the importance of the events ongoing in Greece and of the struggle for finding the right way out of the crisis, which is far more than the debt problem of a single state. In Greece something is becoming visible: the strategies of the neoliberal forces that undermine the EU’s democratic structures and the political decision making.

People have been resisting against the disunity of this society in which the social standards and the rights of workers and employees are sacrificed under a complete economization for a long time. Everywhere in Greece alternative economy and solidarity coexistence projects have been founded. People do not resign themselves, they resist. This makes us hopeful.


What we want

On our website we want to present existing projects and theories of sustainable alternatives that oppose the current global political and economic order and help renew the political collective conscious.

The aim is to support the networking of projects and solidarity initiatives, that have arisen in Europe and are still growing, and to demonstrate their diversity through a map. We want to inform, inspire and encourage contacts.


What we need

The site is open to all kinds of representation. For each project there shall be a brief information page including additional links and contact details. The project presentation can be supplemented by in-depth texts and different ways of visualization – of particular concern to us is the presentation of documentary film work: movie reviews, lectures, reports, portraits, interviews, film essays, video art, photo film, documentary.

So we need your material! Send us information about your projects and initiatives! Do you have films that you would like post into our site? Are there any projects or people or topics that you would like to report? We also want to provide a social platform on which a film project can be realized.


Add your pin to the map!

The easiest way is to just register your pin to the map. Please add a short text:
– Content and objectives of your project
– Particularities
– What kind of support do you need


Who we are

Social Action Map is a self-organized project. We are activists from Greece and Germany.


We are looking forward to your feedback and your Pins!

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