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The social space Micropolis includes (or will include) the operation of a self-organized café/bar/concert hall, a place for children to be co-managed by children, parents and [...]
Wir Naomi GesellschafterInnen wollen einen Beitrag leisten zum Frieden unter den Menschen. Flüchtlinge sollen als Menschen willkommen geheißen werden. Wir wollen ihnen auf [...]
Wir von der Initiative: Respekt für Griechenland wollen die innergesellschaftliche Auseinandersetzung mit der deutschen und europäischen Wirtschafts- und Finanzpolitik [...]
We are a non-hierarchical self-organized group of activists from all over the world that share the aim of overcoming the borders and restrictions that impede freedom of movement. [...]
Together for Better Days was initially founded as ‘Better Days for Moria’ on the olive grove next to the Moria registration centre in November 2015 in response to the [...]
Since the morning of 22/4/2016, the abandoned Hotel “City Plaza” in Athens has been turned into an Accommodation Centre for Refugees. Currently refugee families from [...]
Kaniggos 22 is a refugee solidarity squat of an old building in the center of Athens, that opened some weeks ago. Until now solidarity activists and refugees are working to [...]
An ever changing and chaotic refugee crisis calls for a flexible approach, therefore we are combining an extensive experience of mobile kitchens and providing food, with our [...]
Ιστορικό Το Δίκτυο Κοινωνικής Αλληλεγγύης αποτελεί μια αυτοργανωμένη και ακηδεμόνευτη [...]
Piraeus Initiative for the Support of Refugees and Immigrants was founded by citizens and solidarity groups of Piraeus in order to welcome and support the refuges that arrive in [...]