Alternative Tours of Athens

alternative tours of athens takes up the organization and implementation of open, educational, informative and entertaining tours in athens.

the objective of alternative tours of athens (ATA) is to enhance the local community and promote culture and tourism through alternative landmarks putting an emphasis on modern city life. through its action, it aims to contribute both to the development of relations of communication and interaction between visitors (foreigners or greeks), residents and countryside, and to the promotion of new talent, ideas and proposals.

the fields of action of ATA are mainly alternative thematic tours: architecture, nightlife, street art, photography, creative workshops, literature, social movements, cycling. the activity extends to the organization and production of printed and electronic guides to athens, editing and co-organizing cultural events and promotion of educational seminars.

the alternative tours of athens aims at a fruitful cooperation with tourism, science, cultural agencies or organizations, with local businesses, training centers, authors, artists and people that shape the active stage of the city.

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