The social space Micropolis includes (or will include) the operation of a self-organized café/bar/concert hall, a place for children to be co-managed by children, parents and pedagogues, a computer room to provide free access to the internet and support the conduction of lessons, an assembly room, a library/reading-room, a film screening group, a food cooperative.
All these activities exist due to the interest of people who already participate in them and they are anti-commercial, in the sense that every cash transaction aims exclusively at the maintenance and development of the space and its activities, and anti-hierarchical, since all people participate and co-decide equally, without leaders, allocations and representations. The general assembly of this space functions in the same way∙ it is open (both to individuals and to new ideas and activity initiatives) and administrative (deciding about the inner function and the demonstrations of the space). This assembly isn’t and doesn’t want to be a political group.

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