Together for better days

Together for Better Days was initially founded as ‘Better Days for Moria’ on the olive grove next to the Moria registration centre in November 2015 in response to the immediate crisis there. The Olive Grove Camp was a welcoming home to many of the 200,000 people who came through Moria until April 2016.

Moria was a transit camp and registration point for refugees arriving on the island of Lesvos from Turkey. Better Days for Moria was set up as a group of individuals who came from far and wide to improve the humanitarian situation in the camp. We set up our own services right next to the official registration camp: a place to make people feel welcome and to give out aid such as dry clothes, food, hot tea and information.

We were one of the many grassroots operation groups working in Lesvos where everyone takes the reigns collaboratively. The common goal among the volunteers is to bring a sense of humanity and care to the difficult journey these people are experiencing.

Following the EU Turkey Deal and the registration centre becoming a detention centre, people were no longer able to access our services. We made the difficult decision to close down the camp and relocate to the mainland.




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