The workers of VIOME in Thessaloniki squatted their factory in 2011 after the management wanted to close it down. Since then they produce soap autonomously and in solidarity without bosses or vertical hierarchy. Recently they got an export license and can ship their products to the rest of Europe. Vio.Me collective produce theirs soaps without resorting to toxic chemicals. Everything is made from plants (and natural borax). So now you can clean up with something that isn’t only solidaric, but also vegan and eco-friendly.

Since November 2015, the struggle of the workers of VIOME in Thessaloniki for self-managing the factory they occupy is under threat from an auction process. A judge gave permission in March 2015 to the state-appointed “trustee” of bankrupt FILKERAM, the parent company of VIOME, to proceed with an auction of the movable assets of the company as well as its real estate property, which includes the premises of VIOME.

Film by Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler, 30 min, 2015:

For more information about the movie and Dario Azzellini:–-viome

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